Work With Me

Email me with any questions or scheduling:

Speedcubing Coaching

If you are struggling mastering a technique or need general cubing knowledge I can give you advice on a one-on-one Skype call.  I consult for 15 minute sessions, 30 minute sessions, or per Ao5 analysis.  Contact me for pricing.

Podcast Services:

You can schedule a free 15 minute session if you want to learn more about my editing or consulting services or to see if you are a right fit for my Podcast Mastermind.


  • If you are completely new to podcasting and looking to launch a podcast, I will guide you through the process of launching a professional and successful podcast.
  • I can help you improve and grow your podcast guiding you through audio production, interviews, promotion, and more.

I consult clients on Skype with 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.  Contact me for pricing.


You record the podcast episode and then I will edit and produce the audio.  Editing the podcast includes, taking out um’s, adding intro/transition music, and removing any silences or unnecessary content.  Producing the audio means processing the edited podcast through Auphonic which will level out the audio and remove any background humming.

I charge $6 per 5 minute mark on raw audio.  Productions take a maximum of 48 hours to process.


Focused more for teen and young adult podcasters, we meet on Skype for an hour once a month and discuss what we are working on to improve out podcasts and what our goals are for the future.  Each month a different member is in the hot seat and the other members inquire and guide them on their plans for the podcast.  Then occasionally we have an open talk call where members can ask each other questions and give advice.  Contact me for pricing.