Competition Results and 5×5 World Record – TCCP#19

September 30th was International Podcast Day.  This past weekend I went to a competition and which was great!  I talked to lots of people and tried some great cubes.

Cubing News – records, releases and ratings

The Wuxia 2×2 was released from Qiyi.

Charlie Stark broke the Square-1 WR Single – 5.73.

Feliks Zemdegs broke the 5×5 WR Average – 46.13.


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Practicing Tips and International Podcast Day_(feat. Roger) – TCCP#18

I discuss tips for practicing with Roger.  He has an official sub-9 average on 3×3 and sub-2 average on 2×2.  Cubing in public, math, and hobbies are other things we talk about as well.

Check out Roger’s YouTube Channel! RWL3

I have a competition in less than two weeks so I am practicing my main events quite a bit.

International Podcast Day is September 30!  Share podcasts with others!

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