Interview with Daniel Rose-Levine – TCCP#22

This week I talk with Daniel Rose-Levine.  He has been to 59 competitions and currently has the CR in Skewb.  We discuss some practicing tips, memorable solves, the Cubicle Lawsuit as well.

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The Tempest 3×3 and Cubicle Lawsuit_(feat. Trent) – TCCP#20

This week I interview Trent who is designing the Tempest 3×3.  We discuss the process of producing a new cube and some of the specifications of the Tempest.  If you have any ideas for a new cube, message Trent on SpeedSolving.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings

Feliks Zemdegs – 3×3 average – 5.80

Feliks Zemdegs – 5×5 average – 45.64

Feliks Zemdegs – 3×3 OH average – 10.21

Jonatan Klosko – Skewb average – 2.51


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