Listener Questions, 50mm 3×3, and 2×2 WR – TCCP#16

I will be soon ordering a LingAo Clock and a MoFang JiaShi 50mm 3×3.  The 3×3 should be great for OH.

Listener Questions

Reggie wrote in and asked a couple of questions.

If I practice in public and my opinion on the subject was one of them.

Also special thanks to Reggie, who also wrote 5 star review in the UK iTunes store.

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Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings

Rami Sbahi broke the 2×2 WR average with a 1.45 ao5 – CubeComps.


Interview, Best 2×2, and World Records – TCCP#10

I have a great discussion with my friend Aidan!  We talk about cubes, world records, and judges.

Are judges not doing their job?

Cubing News

Max Park broke the 3×3 world record average – 6.39 seconds —- SS Forums

Helmer Ewert broke the Square-1 single – 6.67 —- SS Forums


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