Clock Magnets – For Rubik’s/LingAo, Ring and Disc – N52 Ring Magnets 13mm dia x 2mm + 8mm hole

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Updated: 10-4-19 – Multiple Sets Available

8x N52 Ring Magnets 13mm dia x 2mm + 8mm hole
8x N52 Round Magnets Disc 5 x 1mm – these are real strength, not cheap eBay magnets.

Price: $15


Standard shipping in the USA is FREE!  If you need something quickly 2-4 day shipping is an extra $4, or 2-day Priority shipping is an extra $8.

The magnets are usually shipped the same or next day from when you pay.

For international shipping it is an extra $5.


PayPal is the easiest method of payment, but if you don’t have PayPal email me and we will work something out.

Making the Clock:

Other Services:

Fully Lubed and Magnetic LingAo Clock – click here for more information.


2x Spare N52 Ring Magnets – $3 + Free Shipping

50x N52 5x1mm Magnets – $5 + Free Shipping

LingAo Clock – New in Box – $12 + Free Shipping(11 when you buy magnets) – I can open the plastic case if you want for free.

What buyers are saying:

“I would highly recommend buying these magnets, they made my clock amazing! They are an awesome deal, and Josh’s customer service is amazing too!” – SoccerTurtleCuber

“I got recommended by the Z3Cubing(Legoboyz3) YouTube channel, on how to make a magnetic clock.  I got the magnets and I really like how fast Josh responds back when I ask something.  If I am going to buy magnets again will definitely buy from him, and I will recommend to my friends to buy from him as well.” – Leo

“These magnets are really good, I would recommend them.  Be careful, as they are brittle.” – Griffin


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