Clock Magnets – Rubik’s/LingAo|Ring and Disc

DSCN3646I’m selling all the magnets needed to make a DIY magnetic clock! It is usually same day shipping from the USA so they will come quickly!  Otherwise you need to buy from 2 different eBay sellers and one is in the UK.  PayPal is the easiest method of payment, but if you don’t have PayPal email me and we will work something out.  I sell these magnets on the Forums as well.  I ship worldwide if you cover the extra shipping cost.

Price: $15 + Free Shipping

8x N52 Ring Magnets 13mm dia x 2mm + 8mm hole
8x N35 Round Magnets Disc 5 x 1mm

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Update: 1-21-19 – multiple sets available

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Thank you for your business!