About Me

Thanks for listening to the podcast!

My name is Josh and I have been speedcubing since October of 2015.  Podcasting for the past 4 years, it is something I enjoy very much.  I host this podcast and I also co-host another podcast about fishing.  It is called BassCaster Bros., it is weekly as well.

I am CornerCutter on the Speedsolving Forums.

My favorite cubes to solve are Pyraminx and 3×3.

Here are my times and mains for WCA events: (last updated May 12)

Chuwen M 2×2: Sub-5

Gan Air SM 3×3: Sub-15

Wuque M 4×4: Sub-58

WuShuang M 5×5: Sub-2:10

X-man Bell Pyraminx: Sub-3.9

X-Man Wingy Skewb: Sub-7

Moyu Mini 5.0cm 3x3OH: Sub-33

X-man Volt Square-1: Sub-50

Megaminx Gallaxy V2: Sub-2:00

Clock LingAo: Sub-30

I also do 2BLD and I am working on 3BLD.