Updates from Josh and Your Feedback – TCCP#91

I’m back with another episode! Included in this mini episode are updates, emails and reviews from fans, and my thoughts about the China Corona Virus.

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3 thoughts on “Updates from Josh and Your Feedback – TCCP#91

  1. Hey Josh, nice to hear from you again. In our latest cubing podcast on freshcuber.de we also spoke about corona. I had our WCA senior delegate for Europe in the podcast and it was a very interesting interview.
    It is so sad to see how many competitions are cancelled now. Today we were informed about the cancellation of the European Championship that was planned to be near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Very sad situation worldwide.

    As you know, I like your cubing podcast very much and I also appreciate what you do for example about Clock magnetizing. But I am always a little annoyed or frustrated if you speak about politics. In your podcast you mentioned Trump for the second or third time and how he deals with the pandemic. To most of us from outside the US it looks like he wasted much time in the first weeks. Other countries already used these weeks to prepare for the pandemic while Trump still denied everything. That’s what makes the situation in US now so terrible. It’s partly Trumps responsibility.
    I got this video in english that shows what I mean, even if I have my informations mostly from german media:
    Sorry to say that, but to me Trump is one of the worst presidents the US ever had. He has no manners, too much self-confidence and the current situation shows how dangerous it is to give political power to personalities like him.
    By the way: The first infected person with the “spanish flu” 100 years ago was in the US. American troups spreaded it around the world. Shit happens, not only in China. It’s some kind of racist distraction tactics that Trump and his media always speaks about the “chinese” corona virus. Let’s focus on how to stop the pandemic and not how to blame others for it. We live in a very closely connected world and I think that’s fine (also for cubing), even if it now brings some extra problems.
    I hope my remarks about your political statements do not upset you. Maybe politics is not the best topic for our podcasts. 🙂

    And I really hope that you and your family come good and healthy through this pandemic corona crisis.
    Take care, keep the cornercutter podcast going. And happy cubing, Roland


    • Hi Roland,

      Hope you are doing well.

      President Trump is actually doing a very good job. I think you see differently because the American media shows everything he does in a bad light. He has done everything he promised to do. He destroyed ISIS, he is putting China on defense, he has achieved lowest unemployment in the past 50 years for all demographics, etc.

      I’m happy to discuss politics. Thanks for thoughtful words.



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