CubeSolveHero Interview_YouTuber Brandon Cannady – TCCP#82

TCCP#82-3Brandon Cannady from CubeSolveHero joins me this week to talk about his channel including discussion about popular videos, giveaways and future goals.  We also talk about what he enjoys doing most with YouTube and then Brandon shares tips and insight on building a following and getting sponsored.


Links – things mentioned in the episode

CubeSolveHero – YouTube

WCA Profile – Brandon Canady

Instagram – CubeSolveHero

Discord – CubeSolveHero

CubeSolveHero – Merch

Gan X vs. GTS3

1×1 WR Video

Be A Guest Page

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:45 – CubeSolveHero Introduction

5:10 – Channel Name Story

20:20 – Giveaways

35:15 – Goal/Plans

47:30 – Cubing Stories

58:50 – Interview Wrap-up


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