Antonie Paterakis Interview_2x2 World Champion and Greece NR Holder – TCCP#81

TCCP#81Antoine shares some fun stories about getting free stuff from cubing, his favorite competition, and his goals for getting a higher education.  Other topics include getting sponsored by SpeedCubeShop, pyraminx enjoyment, and his sub-5 3×3 solve.


Links – things mentioned in the episode

WCA Profile – Antonie Paterakis

Antonie Paterakis – YouTube

Instagram – Antonie Paterakis

Facebook – Antonie Paterakis

4.89 3×3 Solve Video

Feedback Page

Magnetic Clocks

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:45 – Antonie Introduction

11:22 – Learning to Solve Story

16:50 – Favorite Cube

20:40 – Hardware

27:15 – Pyraminx

41:50 – Sponsorship By SCS

56:50 – Clocks/Question of the Month


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