Squan and 3BLD World Records, Pyraminx Algs, and Your Feedback – TCCP#80

It is a solo episode this week and the topics are Cubing News, Alg of the Week, Listener Emails, YouTube Comments, and the June Question of the Month. Listen in for information on new releases, thoughts on the Guanlong 3×3, and some L4E tricks.

Cubing News

The biggest WR’s this week were the Square-1 Single and the 3BLD mean.

Alg of the Week

Four Edges Flipped: (R’ L R L’) U (R’ L R L’) U (R’ L R L’)

Second Alg: R’ L U’ R U L’ R’ L U’ R U L’

Question of the Month:

What is the closest you’ve ever traveled to a competition(in minutes/hours)?

Send in your answer by recording a message.

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Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:00 – Cubing News

11:10 – Alg of the Week

13:30 – Shoutouts/Listener Feedback

24:40 – Updates

29:20 – Question of the Month


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