Cameron Brown Interview_Owner of – TCCP#75

Cameron and I have a fascinating discussion about SpeedCubeShop on topics like, the story behind the “Astronomy” names, why it took so long to stock the Gan X, weirdest order comments, and lots of other behind the scenes information.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

Cosmic Cubes – SCS

Supernova Cubes – SCS

WCA Profile – Cameron Brown

Gan 356 X – 3×3

SCS YouTube

Clock Magnets/Magnetic Clocks

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:05 – Cameron Introduction

4:15 – SCS Updates

8:40 – Fake

15:00 – Shipping

21:20 – Order Comments

23:20 – Gan X

33:00 – Ordering from China

39:05 – Interview Wrap-up

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