Speculating the Future of the WCA and Fake SpeedCubeShop_CuberChats – TCCP#72

With 3x3WF most likely being removed from the World Cube Association list of events, we could see some more changes in the next couple of years. Samuel Baird, CuberCubes, and I discuss possible ideas for adding/removing events and naming competitions. Then we discuss the fake Speedcubeshop.co.uk store and how the real SpeedCubeShop.com is dealing with it.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

Samuel Baird YouTube – UnderWaterCuber

TheCuberCubes YouTube

Samuel Baird WCA Profile


World Cube Association


Be a Guest Page

Magnetic LingAo Clock

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

3:15 – CuberChats Intro

3:55 – WCA Discussion

34:45 – Fake SpeedCubeShop

54:00 – Aftershow/Updates


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