WR 3.47 3×3 Single By Yushang Du and 3×3 With Feet Getting Removed_Cuber Chats – TCCP#62

This week I have listeners of the show, Owen and Rustin on the show to discuss the WCA removing 3×3 with feet from the events list.  And also we talk about the 3×3 WR single that was recently broken and is now the first official sub-4 solve ever.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

Yushang Du WCA Profile

WR 3.47 Discussion SpeedSolving Forum

WCA 3×3 Rankings

3x3WF Getting Removed Discussion

WCA Profile – Rustin

WCA Profile – Owen

Rustin’s YouTube Channel

Owen’s YouTube Channel

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

3:20 – Guest Intro

4:25 – 3×3 WR Discussion

19:50 – 3×3 With Feet Discussion

41:20 – Episode #63 Topic


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Thanks for listening!

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