Competition Clips, Cubing News, and Shoutouts – TCCP#59

The Square-1 and 2×2 WR’s were broken recently along with the Multi-BLD NAR. I went to a fun competition last weekend and I share some audio clips I recorded while there. Later I give some shoutouts, talk about updates with the podcast, and have Alg of the Week.


Rhad Cuber left a great review in Apple Podcasts:

Amazing Podcast

in iTunes by Rhad Cuber from USA on October 21, 2018

This podcast is very consistent, fun, and up to date. I really like the interviews definitely recommend it to any Cuber, new or old.

Alg of the Week

This algorithm is one of my favorite OLL’s.

R U B’ U’ R’ U R B R’

Links – things mentioned in the episode

New Releases

BA Fall Cube Fest 2018 Instagram

Damian Bias Instagram

Jayden McNeill Facebook

The CornerCutter Podcast YouTube

TheCuberCubes Podcast Shoutout

Red Top Cuber Podcast Shoutout

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:40 – Records_Cubing News

4:05 – Releases_Cubing News

6:55 – Ratings_Cubing News

8:05 – Competition Results

14:20 – Shoutouts

17:35 – Alg of the Week

20:00 – Podcast Updates

22:25 – Next weeks guest


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