Discussing YouTube with TheCuberCubes_YouCubers Show – TCCP#58

Are you struggling with producing consistent quality YouTube videos? I chat with CuberCubes who has the YouTube channel TheCuberCubes. We discuss how to enter into the YouCuber space and start your channel from no subscriber base as well as making interesting videos.

Links – things mentioned in the episode

TheCuberCubes YouTube

Cube Talks – TheCuberCubes

Competition Tips Video

YouTube Premiere

Time Stamps – Episode Summary

2:45 – CuberCubes Introduction

8:05 – Purpose/Goals for channel

13:05 – Equipment

14:25 – Publishing

21:00 – How did you get into cubing

23:25 – 4×4 Discussion

29:45 – Competition Tips

37:30 – Interview Wrap-up

39:15 – Next weeks topic


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