Over Priced Gan Cubes, Beginner Stories, and Listener Feedback – TCCP#55

There have been a few WRs broken in the past few weeks and cube manufactures have been hinting at a bunch of new puzzles.  Later, I have Alg of the Week and Shoutouts.


Special thanks to Rustin who sent in feedback.

And to Cosmo who sent in feedback and a question.

Huge thanks to DragonUnited18 for writing this review!


in iTunes by DragonUnited18 from USA on October 8, 2018

I’m here every week for the new podcast. I am so impressed. I am a new Cuber and this has been so informational getting me caught up in the community. Definitely recommend this all cubers.

Alg of the Week

Cosmo’s favorite algorithm is: R U R’ U’ R’ F R2 U’ R’ U’ R U R’ F’

Question of the Month

SoccerTurtleCuber sent in his answer to the September question.

Links – things mentioned in the episode



Upcoming Puzzles Thread

SpeedSolving Resources

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Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:40 – Records_Cubing News

3:35 – Releases_Cubing News

8:25 – Ratings_Cubing News

10:40 – Alg of the Week

11:50 – Question of the Month

17:10 – Podcast Updates

20:10 – Shoutouts

26:15 – Personal Update

29:25 – Team 2BLD Solve


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