Canadian Cubers and Best Cube Manufacturer_Cuber Chats – TCCP#54

This is the second episode of Cuber Chats and I have on two listeners on the podcast!

We talk about the Canadian cubing community vs. the US community, whether you should buy magnetic cubes, and what is the best cube brand.

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GAN 5×5

Canadian Cubing

Cubing Out Loud

Selling magnets for clocks

SoccerTurtle’s YouTube

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Question of the Month

What is your story from when you had your first encounter with the Rubik’s Cube to the first time you solved it?

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Time Stamps – Episode Summary

1:10 – How to be a Guest

3:00 – Cuber Chats Intro

14:05 – Canadian Cubers

29:05 – Are magnetic cubes worth it?

35:00 – Show wrap-up


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