Tymon’s 1.87 Pyraminx Average and Alg of the Week – TCCP#52

I have a few new and interesting segments this week including a 2BLD solve on the podcast and Alg of the Week.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


Max Park got the 3x3OH WR average and Tymon Kolasinski broke the Pyraminx WR average which is now 1.87 seconds.


Qiyi released the Jelly cube series.

ShengShou FangYuan V2 M

QiYi Pillowed Pyramorphix

QiYi Secret Tutorial Book


The SpeedStacks G4 Stackmat Bundle is awesome!


TipsterTrickster left a comment on YouTube!

Patrick wrote a review in Apple Podcasts and had some kind words about the show!

Great guests and topics for speedsolving

in iTunes by Patrick PJK from USA on September 13, 2018

I enjoy listening to each episode, keep up the good work!

Alg of the Week

This 2×2 CLL: R’ U L U’ R U L’

Links – things mentioned in the episode

Intro Episode for the podcast.

TCCP thread of SpeedSolving.com

Question of the Month

What is your story from when you had your first encounter with the Rubik’s Cube to the first time you solved it?

Send in an audio answer here.

Times – Episode Summary

2:40 – Cubing News

8:15 – Shoutouts

13:20 – Alg of the Week

15:05 – Question of the Month

17:15 – 2BLD Solve


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