Magnetic Clocks and West Coast Cubing Tour – TCCP#44

Lots of records are being broken on the West Coast Cubing Tour and I share my experience with the Qiyi Master Pyraminx and making a magnetic Clock.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Max Park 6×6 Mean-1:17.37

[WR] Max Park 7×7 Single- 1:47.89 and Mean-1:57.10

[WR] Max Hilliard 3x3BLD Single-17.55

[WR] Max Park 5×5 Average-42.56

Jayden McNeill almost got the 3×3 WR!  Watch the video.


Gan 354 M

SenHuan Zhanlang M 2×2

GuanLong V3


The Qiyi Master Pyraminx which has just been released is great!


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 in iTunes by ColorCodedCuber from USA on July 9, 2018

I love your podcasts! I’m a new listener and I am loving the content. I thought the debate was a cool idea and I think you should do more of those. Keep up the great podcasts!

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Personal Cubing Updates

I recently made my LingAo Clock magnetic.

My current favorite podcast is The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.


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