World Record Distractions and Feet Mains – TCCP#40

I talk about Max Park’s WRs and there are some interesting releases from YJ.  What is the best cube for 3×3 with Feet?

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Yulun Wu Pyraminx Single-1.10  Scramble: U B’ U’ L’ U’ B’ R’ B U’ B U’ l b’

[WR] Kevin Hays 7×7 Single-1:57.54

[WR] Max Park 4×4 Average-21.13

[WR] Max Park 4×4 Single-18.42

[WR] Max Park 5×5 Single- 37.28

[WR] Jeff Park 3x3BLD Single-17.85

[WR] Daniel Rose-Levine Feet Average-23.54

[OR] Feliks Zemdegs 7×7 Mean-2:09.04

[ER] Mats Valk 3×3 Average-6.46


YJ Mini Pillowed 3×3 Keychain Cube 2.0cm

YJ Mini Pillowed 3×3 Keychain Cube 4.5cm

YJ MGC 3×3

QiYi QiFa S Square-1



The MoFang JiaoShi 4.5cm 3×3 is the perfect cube to keep in your pocket and take with you when your on the move.

Send in your audio reviews of new cubes.  Record the reviews here on Speakpipe.


RunnerBear Cuber asked for best Feet mains.

Cosmo emailed in with a question.

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