Feliks’s 4.22 Single and Listener Feedback – TCCP#37

Shorter episode this week.  The main topics are Cubing News, shoutouts and personal cubing updates.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Feliks Zemdegs 3×3 Single- 4.22

[WR] Max Park 4×4 Average- 22.26

[WR] Rasmus Stub Detlefsen Square-1 Average- 7.25

[WR] Max Park 6×6 Single- 1:19.46

[WR] Reto Bubendorf 3×3 FMC- 24.00

[ER] Sebastian Weyer 5×5 Average- 48.26


QiYi 1x3x3 Spinner

MFJS Carbon Fiber Fisher Mirror Cube

Z Cloud Pyraminx

Angstrom WuQue M

YuXin HuangLong 9×9

ShengShou Tank 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5

GAN 460

Cubicle Cube Mat V3

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Send in your audio reviews of new cubes.  Record the reviews here on Speakpipe.


Jack sent in some feedback on early shows and he also will be featured on a future episode.

Special thanks to SoccerTurtleCuber on YouTube for leaving a kind review in Apple Podcasts.  He said:


 in iTunes by SoccerTurtleCuber from USA on April 29, 2018

This is a great podcast, and is very enjoyable to listen to. The host, Josh, is a very good interviewer. He is very consistent, and offers great cubing tips. He gives updates on WRs, and new releases, as well as reviews! I recommended him to a lot of my cubing friends. (I have a Cubing Club that I started at my school). I would definitely recommend that you start listening, and you will not regret it. – SoccerTurtleCuber From YouTube

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