Organizing Results, Amazing WR’s, and 4 Years of Podcasting! – TCCP#35

On April 11 I celebrated 4 years of podcasting!  TCCP is not my first podcast, I co-host another podcast that is about fishing.  It is called BassCaster Bros. and it is a weekly podcast as well.

My competition was last weekend and organizing went well.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Max Park 7×7 Single-1:59.89  and Mean-2:04.32

[WR] Daniel Rose-Levine Feet Average-23.69

[WR] Sebastian Weyer 4×4 Single-18.84  and Average-22.27

[WR] Feliks Zemdegs 5×5 Single-37.93

[WR]Dominik Gorny Pyraminx Single-1.19

[NAR] Max Park 3×3 Average-5.99


Cubicle Labs Galaxy V2 M

QiYi QiXing 7×7

ShengShou Legend Pyraminx

Cubicle Labs Little Magic M


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There is a new thread on SS about upcoming puzzles.


I recently got the X-man Galaxy V2.  I love the smaller size and the speed.


Jordan left a kind comment on Kevin Hays episode in Spreaker.

TCCP Updates

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting reviewed TCCP.  You can listen here.

I share a few stories from talking with non-cubers.


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