Multi-BLD 43/44 WR and Competition Goals – TCCP#33

The competition I’m organizing is in less then 2 weeks.


3×3: Sub-15, sub-14 would be great!

2×2: Sub-4.5

4×4: Sub-55

Pyraminx: Sub-4

Skewb: Sub-7

3x3OH: Sub-33

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[WR] Mark Boyanowski – 43/44 Multi-Blind in 60:00.00


Gan 249 V2 M – Black

Cyclone Boys Magnetic Skewb

CrazyBad 4x4x5 Cuboid

ShengShou Mr. M 3×3

SCS Mystery Egg


Reggie and Kristen sent in nice emails!

TCCP Updates

No episode on April 16th.  That is my competition weekend.


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