Awesome Records, Updates, and TwistTheWeb – TCCP#31

Since last episode a bunch of records have been broken.  I recently have been practicing a lot 5×5 and Megaminx.  I am averaging sub-2:10 on 5×5 and sub-2:00 on Megaminx.

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Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Kevin Hays 7×7 Single-1:59.95  and Mean-2:08.71

[WR] Daniel Rose-Levine Feet Single-16.96

[WR] Charlie Stark Square-1 Average-7.56

[OCR] Feliks Zemdegs 4×4 Average-23.28

[NAR]Daniel Rose-Levine Feet Average-30.33


Valk 3 Power Soft Spring Set

DaYan XiangYun

Cyclone Boys Megaminx

CubeStyle Carbon Fiber 5×5

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I love the X-man Bell Pyraminx!  It is fast, smooth, and solid. is a fun place to practice with other people.  I’m on TTW quite a bit.


The Vexed Cuber emailed in saying he loves the show and he asked for me to give his channel a shoutout.


TCCP Updates

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