Moonwink Cuber and Ghost Cuber_(feat. YouCubers) – TCCP#27

Every several shows now I will be featuring smaller YouCubers channels.  In this first episode doing that, I have Ghost Cuber and MoonWink Cuber on the podcast.

We discuss making successful videos, starting a Youtube Channel, and also we tell some funny stories.

Check out both of their channels!

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Feliks Zemdegs – 4.59 3×3 Single *Tied


[WR] Max Park – 22.55 4×4 Average


Cubing Classroom Mini Bundle


Thank you to Matthew and Kristen for the emails!

TCCP Updates

I recently designed Podcast Cards for TCCP.


I have a new Skype recorder now, it is Ecamm – Call Recorder for Skype.

Also I am testing out a Microphone from Fifine Technology.  It is working great and it is th USB Micriphone 669B.



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