Interview with Shawn from SpeedCubeReview – TCCP#26

I have a fun conversation with Shawn from

We discuss podcasting, his Youtube Channel, we tell some fun stories.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


[WR] Max Park – 9.99 OH Average

[NAR] Max Park – 38.70 5×5 Single

[WR] Max Park – 1:25.34 6×6 Mean

[WR] Max Park – 2:13.12 7×7 Mean

[WR] Tymon Kolasiński – 1.20 Pyraminx Single  —– Scramble: B R B’ U B R’ B’ U’ R’ L’ R u r


Thank you to all who emailed on the one year anniversary.

Kristen who is a fan of the show emailed in with some stories and questions.

Podcast Break-in

What do you use the TCCP website mostly for?


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