Celebrating 1 Year of the Podcast_(feat. Spencer) – TCCP#25

Today we are celebrating 1 year of The CornerCutter Podcast!  Thank you to everyone who has listened or has been part of the show!

This week I talk with a TCCP listener!  Spencer and I discuss, The Cubicle lawsuit, Red Bull Championships, and organizing competitions.

The domain of the podcast is now thecornercutterpodcast.com and email is: feedback@thecornercutterpodcast.com

I am now an affiliate with CubeDepot.  Use the code “cornercutter” to get 5% off your order.

Cubing News – records, releases, and ratings


GAN 249 V2

GAN 249 V2 M

YuXin Multi-Skewb Cube

Moyu AoHun Megaminx


[WR] Lukasz Burliga – 2.02 Skewb Average

[NAR] Max Park – 46.20 5×5 Average

[NAR] Max Park – 1:28.71 6×6 Mean


KingMatt on SpeedSolving!

Craig emailed in with some information about magnets.

And Moonwink Cuber wrote an awesome review on iTunes, in the US store.

Podcast Break-in

What is a good length for TCCP episodes?


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Thanks for listening!