Intuitive L4E – Pyraminx

DSCN1827Pyraminx is one of my favorite WCA events.

About a year ago I got my first pyraminx which was the Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx.  I immediately started practicing and now I average Sub-4 with Intuitive L4E.  I used LBL until around 8 seconds before deciding to learn a more advanced method.

I recommend Intuitive L4E, don’t learn the algs.  There are many videos and walkthrough solves on Youtube.  DGCubes has some good ones.

I am now using the X-Man Bell Pyraminx.  It is the best pyraminx right now in my opinion although some people still like the Moyu Magnetic.

Listen to Episode #28 for an in-depth look on Pyraminx!

Let me know how fast you are and which pyraminx you use in the comments below.