Gan 356 Air SM – My Thoughts


Hi there,

I recently purchased a Gan 356 Air SM from on Black Friday. 

It is really interesting to me what comes with the cube.  Along with the puzzle, GES Springs, and the adjustment tools, a CFOP guide and Cube Bag are also included.  The unique plastic case is cool because it protects the cubes as well as giving a nice look.  Everything about this cube says ELITE.

Now about the SM itself: My favorite combination so far is the Green Nuts backed off 1 full turn.  After trying the some of the other springs I came to the conclusion that the Purple springs make it feel like a GTS2M and the Orange Springs make it feel like a Valk 3, both of which I don’t like.  It is neat that you can have so many different feels in one cube by just switching out the Nuts.

Overall it is an awesome cube!  I can see why Feliks uses it and it is definitely my main as well.

If you’re planing on buying this cube, it would be awesome if you could use my Affiliate link to

Or if you have this cube, let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.